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Book at least 48 hours in advance.
Read before you ride:
BHPP Liability Waiver

Locally Owned & Operated!



-THANK YOU for making Black Hills Party Pedaler, your entertainment of choice today!


- Back pocket stuff to the bar top/ Pedalers will retrieve.


- Church Mouths in Main Street Square/Armadillos- where kids are visible.


-We will NOT tolerate any heckling of RCPD- they leave us alone, we leave them alone.


- Pedaling is required; we have a motor assist but we only utilize it when we must such as at stop lights and intersections. Lets be rented a BIKE- you have to pedal. 


- Pass empties down to trash peep- we DO recycle, the owners kids collect the tabs for the Shriners too.


- SD open container law does PROHIBIT open containers leaving the bike. Put your drinks down before stepping off so we can stay in operation, end of tour, can finish drinks on ABY’S porch, DO NOT take into bar or parking lot or you may be cited.


-BRAND NEW Chains/Sprockets- you hulk smash, you buy- person booking will be charged for your over the top heroism- pedal easy!!!


-Koozies- trade your koozie in at the end of the tour for a fun filled wag koozie.


- I will be your DJ today, we utilize Spotify-any requests?


- Games are optional and not required but, if you don’t like games- why are you here?


SILLY NOTES THAT SOMEBODY MUST HAVE DONE SOMETIME HAVING RESULTED IN US HAVING TO SPELL THIS OUT:  No offering rides or drinks to persons not part of this group, no throwing anything on or from the bike which includes but is not limited to drinks, food, ice ect. NO public urination, mooning flashing or obscene or offensive gestures or behavior while in the company of BH Party Pedaler. 


You MAY be but not guaranteed to be warned up to 2 times before being dismissed from the tour at the discretion of the guide.


- TIPS- we are but humble, civil servants who are aiming to please you this evening. We do work off tips cause job doesn’t pay squat but we love doing it! 


Having said this; you work as hard for your money as I do and have paid for an experience today, if at the end of this tour, we have failed to entertain you, please keep your monies in your pockets please let me know how I can do better. 


If however, you find yourselves satisfied, gratified and fulfilled... please show me the love! 


 We do have cash cups and venmo tipping options available. 



Black Hills Party Pedaler is perfect for groups of all ages! Birthday parties, reunions, team-building, graduations, retirements, bachelor/bachelorette parties, sports teams, wedding parties, work get togethers, or just a night out with friends!


Local Specials: We are a local business and love supporting other local businesses. That is why we are partnered with the best local establishments in Rapid City to bring you the best party bike food and drink deals in the Black Hills. Ask your pilot for details!

Food & Drinks: We have beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks aboard our party bike. All drinks can be purchased via cash or card when you arrive or, you order ahead when you book your tour. You can also bring your own snacks or we can stop at local venues! 

What to wear: The weather can change suddenly in the Black Hills, so dress appropriately! Also, remember you will be pedaling a bike, so avoid wearing shoes with high heels, wedges, or platforms, or shoes that fall off easily.

Transportation: We are all about having fun and staying safe at BHPP. Please make sure to have a prearranged ride following your tour. 

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